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Alcohol Underage drinking

Many parents see underage drinking as no big deal. They drank as teens so they think their kids can safely drink, too. Some parents say, "At least they're not doing drugs.: But alcohol is a drug. It's kids' number one drug of choice.

"Alcohol hurts and kills more young people than other drugs do," says Dr. Paula Rauch, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. "Underage drinking is too serious to ignore. It's a parent's responsibility to help their children understand that it's dangerous."

All parents want their children to be safe. It's frightening to consider what can happen when kids drink. That's why some parents deny that their kids use alcohol. Then when something bad happens, they regret having done little to prevent it.

Kids drink for many reasons. To fit in. To experiment. To handle stress and anxiety. Alcohol is an easy crutch, according to Dr. Rauch. "A few beers might make a teenager feel good," she says. "But it can give a false sense of confidence. Children under the influence of alcohol are more likely to make poor choices." That's why parents need to step in. They can help their children make good choices and avoid using alcohol.

Hear Dr. Rauch's words to parents.
Read Dr. Rauch's words to parents.

What alcohol use can steal from teens is often overlooked. "During teen years," Dr. Rauch explains, "Children learn about themselves and others. They learn what they do and don't like. They learn to trust their instincts." Alcohol gets in the way of this important development.

Parents who allow teens to drink need to consider Dr. Rauch's words and ask: Will my children always think they need to drink to have fun or relax? Will their alcohol use limit their future potential?

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