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Words Can Work offers products and services in consultation with leading experts. These evidence-based materials help young people and their peers, and adults talk about the challenges young people face growing up.

Read how our DVDs, Words Can Work booklets, workshops, speaking engagements and trainings help parents and other caregivers raise kids who make good choices and take fewer risks:

Alcohol: True Stories Hosted by Matt Damon DVD

What people are saying: "This remarkable video about one of America's most important public health concerns will be incorporated into national programs that can really make a difference." Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., C.A.S. Associate Professor, Director Division on Addictions, Harvard Medical School

Words Can Work: When Talking About Alcohol Booklet
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What people are saying: "...a whole world of valuable information in a deceptively small package." Karen Friedman, FNP, Cruz Health Center Director, Middlesex School

Bullying: True Stories DVD

What people are saying: "...captures heartfelt stories that will help young people and adults prevent bullying. This excellent DVD should be viewed by young people, parents, teachers -- anyone involved in the care and protection of our kids."Gene Beresin, M.D., Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training, Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital,Co-Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Mental Health and Media, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Words Can Work: When Talking About Bullying Booklet
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Depression: True Stories DVD

What people are saying: "Depression: True Stories provides compelling first person accounts of the suffering associated with this life threatening illness - depression. At the same time, it inspires hope about the power of treatment..." Paula K. Rauch, M.D. Director, Child Psychiatry Consultation Service to Pediatrics Director, Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program: Parenting At a Challenging Time Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Words Can Work: When Talking About Depression Booklet
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Drugs: True Stories DVD

What people are saying: "Drugs: True Stories is a powerful tool to stimulate discussion among school age youth - and adults- about drugs. Drugs: True Stories will be presented in the classroom and in teacher and nurses trainings, and parent meetings." Sarah O'Donnell, RN, MPH, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Unified Student Services, Boston Public Schools

Words Can Work: When Talking About Drugs Booklet
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What people are saying: "Thank you for keeping a high profile on the problems of drug abuse facing our youth. You articulate perfectly the message we all should be sending to parents and youth." Donna M. Macdonald, Program Coordinator, Melrose Partnership for Healthy Youth

In Our Own Words: Teens and AIDS DVD

What people are saying: "If you're a teacher, you're a principal, you're a superintendent, this is a video you should get for your schools. You can save a lot of kids." Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show

Words Can Work: When Talking With Kids About Sexual Health Booklet
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What people are saying: "A great resource that beautifully combines conversations with youngsters, relevant information and commentary. This book will help parents and all who work with young people negotiate the challenge of talking to children about sexuality and their emergence into adulthood." William R. Beardslee, MD Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Children's Hospital Boston Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Boys on Bullying DVD

What people are saying: "This program helps boys examine and break down male stereotypes that can contribute to bullying and isolation..." Bernice T. Humphrey, National Program Department, Girls Incorporated

The Power of Girls: Inside and Out DVD

What people are saying: "The thoughtful real life stories told in the videos, will help teens think about and make wise choices and help adults better understand how to reach out to support young people." Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D., Harvard Medical School

Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health DVD
For Parents of Young Children

For Parents of Preadolescents and Adolescents

What people are saying: "Parents and sexuality educators finally have a thoughtful, well-produced video resource to facilitate discussion about sexuality with parents." Debra Hauser, Deputy Director, Advocates for Youth

Steroids: True Stories Hosted by Curt Schilling DVD

What people are saying: "Steroids: True Stories Hosted by Curt Schilling gives testimony to the many reasons young people should say 'no' to anabolic steroids and follow the example of those who achieve their goals through hard work and determination." Rocky Hager, Head Football Coach, Northeastern University

Some DVDs offered by Words Can Work are produced by Family Health Productions with sponsorship provided by corporations, foundations and individuals.

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In Our Own Words: Teens and AIDS - VHS/DVD
Teens infected with HIV through unprotected intercourse discuss denial, condoms, postponing sex, and how alcohol affects decision-making.
Words Can Work: Talking About Marijuana - Streaming video
Talking openly and honestly about marijuana helps kids make healthier choices. This 20-minute video is a catalyst for group discussion among parents a
Words Can Work: Kids and Healthy Lifestyles - DVD
Young people describe becoming more physically active and making healthier food choices.
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